Paying it forward

November 18, 2011

Sam and I stopped by the NICU today for a quick little visit with some of our favorite people. It's always nice to bring Sam to the NICU and the staff that work there. I sometimes forget how nice it must be for them to see one of their former babies looking like such a big, healthy chunk-a-monk!

Anyway, when we walked in, one of the social workers pulled me aside and told me the following story:
A few months back, a woman went into labor at just 23 weeks pregnant. She went to her local hospital, about 2 hours away from the Bay Area, and was told there was nothing that could be done. She should go home and wait. When she called her husband he did what most wonderful husbands do... refused to take "no hope" as an answer. He told his wife he had seen a commercial on TV about a woman that went into labor at 23 weeks and managed to hold on to her baby long enough to give him a chance. He told her they were packing a bag and driving to Alta Bates hospital.

That's right... the dad had seen Sam and my commercial, and brought his laboring his wife all the way to Alta Bates because of it. What I am told, the baby was released from Alta Bates recently, after a good 4 month stay.

I am truly humbled by this. The fact that my ad convinced this couple to bring their baby to Alta Bates is unreal to me. It warms my heart to know that Sam's story is now intertwined with this babies story.

Now that is the best ad-spot conversion ever! Your life and story saved another. Now that is emotional connection. Best news I’ve read in some time. 🙂
What a miracle through your own. You and Sam, and your family, are touching others’ lives now.
Chris Pitts
Fantastic and wonderful!
Wow. This is truly amazing!!!
That is fantastic! Amazing! I have the chills.
Gwen Hebert
I should never read your blog when I am at work…because I always cry…generally happy tears, of course. Here I go again…

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