You’ve Come A Long Way Baby – Tween Edition

September 16, 2022

You have gained 110 pounds in 12 years. Usually, this is not something people celebrate... but with you... its amazing.

You have had your challenges - starting with being born WAY to early and having heart surgery at one month old...

Heart surgery wasn't your only challenge - you also had to learn things like how to breathe. Now, you use your breath to entertain with the voice of an angel:

2010: Then you needed a machine to help you breathe.
2013: Singing in the car
2017: Making up songs with your sister
2022: Unleashing your voice for the world to hear

We used to struggle to keep you warm.

Your weight gain is one thing... your height is another. By the next time I do one of these posts, you will likely be taller than your sister!

Thanks to your early birth, you were born with your eyes fused shut - and there was a run where we feared you might go blind.

At the beginning we had to be as gentle as possible touching you as even the slightest of movement could tear your skin. Now you are a thrill seeker!

Your hair has alway been a signature - its just now on your head where it belongs.

You have always been a charmer. People are drawn to you and feel safe and loved when they are with you.

2010: surrounded by the amazing and talented staff of the NICU.

When you were born, keeping you alive took everything. Now, you are unstoppable.

Even your food intake is something we don't take for granted.

Your height and your weight put together made for interesting times getting things to fit.

No post about a kid is complete unless we talk about diapers 🙂

And now that you are twelve (crazy!) we have gone from being separated by circumstance to inseparable by choice.

What can I say, these past twelve years have been everything and I can't wait to see what the next twelve bring. But for all that is holy, please DO NOT CHANGE. You are amazing just as you are. In the past 24 hours I have watched you charm every adult you have met, getting your own hotel room key, a bracelet gift from a waitress and a scoop of ice cream for breakfast from the iHOP staff. Be you Sam - because you is pretty damn amazing.

2022: This is twelve

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