I’ve been a bad bad blogger

November 7, 2011

My in-laws pointed out that since Sam's birthday almost two months ago I have written nothing.  Not a word.  They had diligently checked every morning, just in case I might have posted an update.  Every morning they were disappointed.  I wish I had a better excuse than "I have two kids and a part-time gig"... but I don't.   I am glad that they said something, however.  Without them, who know when I would have gotten off my butt and written an update.  So, this post is for you William and Betty.  Thanks for the kick in the rear- I needed it!

Sam continues to impress us with his anti-preemieness.  I keep thinking something is going to go horribly wrong, but it hasn't.  For a while we were very concerned about Sam's digestive tract, due to a sudden on-set of reflux and terrible constipation.  We have been consulting with  a pediatric gastroenterologist who is fantastic.  Sam has had both his lower GI studied (a super fun barium enema) as well as his upper GI (a much simpler barium xray).  Both tests have come back normal, which is great news.  So far, the addition of two reflux medicines and a regular does of Miralax has gotten everything under control.

In terms of development, Sam is just right where he should be for his corrected age- if not a little advanced.  He is crawling EVERYWHERE, pulling himself up, cruising, and even trying to use a push walker to move around the house.  Sam has three teeth now- two bottom middle and one of his "fangs".  I would post a picture of the teeth, but that little bugger will not let me get a shot of them.

Irene is really enjoying how much more interactive Sam is... until he get's into her toys.  Then we hear things like "Go away Sam" and "I wish you were never born".  I think when he really starts walking, Irene is going to have even more negative things to say!  Even with that, she really is the best big sister in the world.

For the people keeping tabs on Sam's weight... we have crossed into 12-18 month clothing with Sam weighing a whopping 21 pounds!

Below are a plethora of photos and videos to make up for my long lack of posting.


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