Sometimes being a mom is hard

May 18, 2011

What a trying week. I don't know if someone spiked the kids food or what, but this has just been one of those weeks that make you long for the days before you had kids. Everyone is healthy- its just their behavior that leave something to be desired.

Irene is a pretty good kid overall.  She is smart, friendly, happy, funny, and all kinds of fun... but when she goes to her dark side it is just so... dark.  Every morning is a battle with Irene.  She doesn't want to get dressed, she doesn't want to go potty, she doesn't want to brush her teeth, etc.  It is just getting so old... and I am not the main person dealing with it, Peter is.  I can not remember a morning when there has not been some screaming or tears (from both Peter and Irene).  And, if that was not enough stress, Irene has had three accidents in three days.  This is a child who potty trained in a day and was night potty trained in a week- a child that has had maybe 10 accidents in 2 years... until now.  A piece of me thinks something is going on a school that keeps her from wanting to go to the potty, but I just don't know.

Now, on the Sam front... oy vey!  The child refuses to nap.  He takes on nice solid nap in the morning, and then the rest of the day is just ugly.  He is so tired he is screaming, but when I try to put him down, he just freaks out.  Yesterday I spent from 1 pm - 7 pm listening to him scream and cry as oppose to nap.  It is enough to make a mom want to drink.  Of course, I have some theories here as well.  For one, I think he is tired of the all milk diet.  He watches EVERYTHING that we eat.  The doctor's have given us a green light for him to start solids, but h can't sit on his own, and that is pretty important for the solid foods.  I think I am going to have to give in and try them with him- i just hope that a: he is ready and b: it will help!

As for me, I have started freelancing- which is not the easiest thing to do when your baby will not nap.  It is nice to get back into the swing of things.

At the end of day, Irene will hug me hard or Sam will give me one of his toothless grins and all is forgiven... until tomorrow!

My son is nearly 7 months old and can’t sit on his own, and gets solids twice a day. We have a Baby Bjørn Babysitter chair that he sits in, which is very supportive of his back and is in a good position for him to eat. Of course he gets it filthy but it is washable after all.
Wine is on my menu nightly. Everything has been a fight for months. Size of a 4yo but a 3yo…strong willed, emotional and cranky. Like his mom.
I seriously can’t fathom 2 or what your nights are like!
Jennifer Lieberman
Oh, indeed. Both of our snugglers lost their book before bed privilege tonight. …And then were adorable as we actually went to bed. 🙂

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