Reflections on 2010 and an update

January 3, 2011

2010 was a mixed bag of a year. Things started off with high hopes. Peter and I figured that after 2009, 2010 had to be good. January was uneventful, but come February, the pendulum started to shift. First, I slipped on a wet floor an completely herniated a disc in my back, then the earthquake happened in Chile (while we had a bunch of family from Chile visiting), and then Peter tried to cut his thumb off while slicing cheese! March was pretty tame in comparison. April brought great news when we found out we were pregnant! Things trucked along nicely for the next few months, building up steam to the perfect year in August when Irene graduated pre-school, we surprised her with a trip to Disneyland and we found out that Irene got into the kindergarten we wanted her in. Then, as you all know, on September 10, the dark cloud moved in and the next 101 days went by in a blur. The year did end on a high note with Sam coming home- healthy and cute as a button. Hard to say how I would rate this year- if I ignore everything before December 20, this is one of the best years ever. If I factor everything in... I give this year a neutral to positive rating.

Since we have been home, things have been hard but so good at the same time. Irene has really been enjoying her new role as big sister. She loves her brother- sometimes a bit too much. Its sweet, the first thing she wants to do in the morning is crawl into bed and kiss Sam and the last thing she wants to do before she goes to bed is kiss Sam.

As sweet as Irene is, having her home for the first two weeks Sam was home was really difficult.  We are lucky my brother was in town as he has been able to shower her with attention and make her feel special.  I think Irene is realizing that having a brother means the center of the world is not her... but that she has to share it- something she is not so good at.  The one thing that has amazed me, her jealous streak didn't come out when my dad interacted with Sam, it reared its ugly head when Lupita met Sam for the first time.  Irene came with me when we brought Sam to Lupita's house and she did not like it one bit.  I think she has always known that Lupita was hers and hers alone... and now, Sam is going to be a part of Lupita's life and Irene did not like it.  It was sweet, but I hope she will get over it!

Peter is off of work until 1/19.  He is enjoying snuggling with Sam, and often takes naps while cuddling.  Those two men together are really really cute.  I love to just sit back and watch Peter interact with his kids.  The pride on his face is so lovely!

As for me, I am enjoying my time with Sam.  He is such a mild mannered kid!  He is still noisy at night, but I am finding it easier to ignore the sounds and sleep.  Having Sam over my shoulder is my favorite thing.  I could snuggle with that boy day and night (and I sometimes do!).  I have no idea how I will leave him in April to go back to work.  He is such a joy- and I want to be with him all the time!

And, as for our rock star Sam... he is really thriving.  He is growing at about an ounce a day- tipping the scales at 6 lbs 2.6 ounces!  This week will be a big one for him.. for one, tomorrow is his due date or "re-birthday" as my brother named it.  Also tomorrow, Sam will go to his first post-NICU developmental play date with his NICU buddy Bennett and he is going to meet his Great-Grandfather.  Wednesday Laura is coming to visit for the first time since we left Alta Bates.  And, Thursday he will be circumcised.  Yippee!

In terms of development, we have noticed that Sam is a combination of newborn to 3 month old.  Some of the things he is doing are things a normal 3 month old would do- like how well he lifts his head for example.  Other times, he is totally a newborn.  I think it will be a mix for a few months of advanced skills and right on track skills.  The one thing I do know, the baby in the pictures back in September and the baby at home with me now are not the same!  This boy is strong, solid and healthy.

Since it has been a while, i give you a moment of zen:

Linda & Steve Goldfarb
You four have come such a long long way – we can’t wait to meet Sam and Irene one day! Yours is such an amazing story with a wonderful new beginning!
I loved this post. Full of love, hope and strength. Hang in there Mama and life will slowly unravel and become easier and easier. I admire you more than you know.
Love Brittany

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