Overwhelmed… but happy

July 10, 2011

This is not something I admit very often, but the past few weeks I have been overwhelmed with everything I am trying to do.  It is a new feeling for me, and I have to say... I do not like it.  I guess I have a limit.   To recap- this is what I have on my plate:

  1. Lots of freelance work.  Yes, actually earning some money and having adult responsibilities are great... but now I have responsibilities!
  2. Volunteer work at the hospital.  I love the parent council and am so excited about what we are doing, but there is a time commitment.
  3. Working on my book.  I am working on my book proposal and trying to figure out who to send it to.
  4. Irene.  Love her to death, but that girl LOVES attention!
  5. Sam.  Trying to do all of the above without having Sam in day care or full-time help at home is hard... especially when Sam will not nap half the time.
  6. No parents!  This one has been really hard.  My parents have been on the trip of a lifetime to Africa for a MONTH.  I knew I leaned on them, I just didn't realize how much
  7. Trying to have a little bit of a life.  Mixed in with all of this is my desire to have a bit of a life.  There is only so much time one can spend isolated before they go a little crazy.  I think i have hit that point

The flip side to all of this is the fact that Sam is thriving and developing perfectly.  He was evaluated on Friday by a physical therapist who said he had the motor skills of a corrected 7 month old, not a 6 month old.  She was especially impressed with Sam's attempts to crawl.  I am still trying to get his method on video, but have not been successful yet.

Sam is eating food like a champ- he just loves having his solid foods at the same time we eat.  I guess we have a social eater on our hands.  So far, everything i have given him he has loved- except for spinach.  Like with Irene, I am back to making all of his food.  At first, I was going to purchase baby food, but the guilt was too much for me.  It just seemed wrong not to be making his food... so I am.

Irene has had a great time at the Head-Royce summer camp.  Being in the pool everyday has really helped her swimming skills.  I will be curious to see what her evaluation from the teach will be... we know she is a smarty pants- but she has trouble focusing in class- she would rather socialize!

Peter and Irene also took a 4 day trip to Texas so Peter could attend his high school reunion and Irene could spend quality time with her grandparents.  Apparently, the high Texas heat was a hit with Irene because it meant she got to play in the sprinklers  and throw water balloons every day.  The visit was great for both Peter and Irene.  I loved having Sammy all to myself- but it was tiring.  Not getting a break at all from Sam was ... taxing.  Luckily, he is cute.

Here are a number of videos and pictures from the past few weeks:

Linda Goldfarb
Melissa, sounds like Sam is thriving! Our little grandson was born July 8. hope to see you – Perhaps at Northstar! Linda

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