Major milestones have been reached

June 3, 2011

Sorry to leave everyone hanging after my last post.  The shoe never fell... but my instinct was right that something was off with Sam.  Turns out he had a minor ear infection.  4 doses of amoxicillin and a bad reaction (diarrhea) and voila- the ears cleared right up!

Which leaves us with a week or so of major milestones.  The first is we began sleep training.  I was convinced that we would leave Sam in our room with us until he was 6 months (corrected) old.  Well, this week Sam regressed in his sleeping habit, waking up every hour to scream and then refusing to nap at all during the day.  Two days of this was all mommy could take, so, armed with the minimal amount of information, we kicked Sam out of our room and began sleep training him.  The first night was rough.  Sam screamed for 35 minutes and managed to throw up in his crib before finally passing out.  He then needed to be comforted about 5 times during the night.  The next day, however, he took 3 good naps.  That night, I put him down awake for the first time ever.  He cried for 5 minutes and that was it!  Not a peep until 11 hours later.  Today we had three beautiful naps and as I type this, there is silence coming from Sam's room.  Not even a minute of crying.  God I hope this lasts!

The other big development is Sam has started to show an interest in whatever I am eating or drinking:

Ok- a little more than an interest.  So, we have started the solids dance.  Most of what I feed him ends up in his bib.  We have tried rice cereal, oatmeal, apple, banana and tonight he got to eat potato from mommy's plate.  So far the potato is the biggest hit!

I know I am very behind on photos... so here are a few photos and videos from the past week:

Sam has also been really active and talkative likely... see for yourself!


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