Laying low

June 16, 2011

Sam and I have been laying low, avoiding all the paparazzi that have been stalking us since our TV debut. Well, not really, but wouldn't it be funny if it were true. The ads have been running for over a week now, and from what I can tell, lots of people have seen them. I have only seen the ad on TV once- but I have heard from a number of friends that they have seen us on TV- even during the NBA championship! What a crack up. The longer web video is still in progress. Apparently Sutter Health liked our story so much, they wanted to expand it further by talking to one of the nurses Peter and I talked a ton about from Labor and Delivery. Hopefully it will be out soon.

The past two weeks have been pretty fun around here. Sam is really getting into the idea of eating solid foods. So far his favorite is pears, with my cousin Hannah's homemade applesauce a close second. He also likes bananas, sweet potato, and squash. Peas have not been a real big hit, but he will eat them if nothing else is offered. It is so much fun to watch him eat now. He has just gotten so good at it over the past two weeks. When we first started, most of the food ended up on the bib. Now, the bib is almost clean when I am done feeding him!

Sam has also discovered the all-time baby favorite of peek-a-boo. Not sure who is enjoying this more: me, Peter, Irene or Sam. Needless to say we have had fun playing peek-a-boo as much as possible.

The downside of the week for Sam has been the bad double ear infection. Of course, you would never know Sam was sick from his behavior. In fact, the only way we found out was I took him in for his regular check-up and his doctor was examining his ears. She was quite shocked by how infected they were considering Mr. Man's demeanor. At least this time, the antibiotic they put us on has not made him sick like the last one.

As much as I talk about Sam, this week is really all about Irene. It is hard for me to say this... but my little girl is finishing up Kindergarten this week. This year has just passed me by- I feel like I missed the entire Kindergarten experience. I had so many plans to be in her classroom, chaperoning her field trips, taking her to play dates, etc. Instead, I made it to her class once, missed every field trip, and have sucked at arranging (let alone hosting) play dates. I know that I have a good excuse and I know that Irene is a happy kid... I just feel like I missed so much. There is nothing I can do about it, so I will just celebrate my big girl... my FIRST GRADER (Arg!).

Anyway- here are a number of pics from the past few days:

Ps. Sam now weighs 17 pounds

Lisa Harter
Too cool for school indeed! Those shades on Sam are just too funny and … Irene as a dinosaur librarian?? I LOVE IT.

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