Jan 14-Jan 20

January 20, 2011

This was a big milestone week for Sam as he hit 4 months old on Sunday!  Such a simple thing to say, but just so loaded with baggage.  Its funny, every time someone asks me how old my baby is, I hesitate.  Do I give the easy answer and give his corrected age (2 weeks) or do I say 4 months and watch the confusion on their face or do I give the complicated answer of 4 months, but that he was premature, so really he is 2 weeks old.  Who would have thought such a simple question coukd be so paralyzing!

The week started with a sunny and warm weekend.  We managed to spend as much time outside as a family as possible.  Irene got to ride her bike while I figured out how to push the stroller while in roller blades.  Its doable, just not graceful.  I think the outdoor family time was really good for Irene- made her feel as if things were starting to normalize a bit.

Tuesday was a hard one for Peter as his paternity leave came crashing to a halt and he had to be back at work.  A selfish piece of me was glad to see him go back as it meant I had Sam all to myself... finally!  I am sure that excitement will wear off, but for now I am looking forward to our alone time.

As for Sam, aside from turning 4 months old, he had a huge weight gain, putting on 14 ounces in 7 days (they want him to ideally put on 1 ounce as day).  This gain brought his weight up to 7 lbs 15 ounces as of Wednesday.  For those wondering, that puts him in the 25% for his corrected age- the first time he has made the growth chart curve!  Due to the weight gain numbers, they are letting me stop the additive we have been giving him.  Just like in the NICU, I think he was having trouble digesting the milk with the additive.  He has been having terrible gas and discomfort.  Hopefully, with the additive gone his guts will feel better.

The other big development us that Sam has found his voice.  In just the past 24 hours he has started to protest more and yell when he is unhappy.  People kept telling me to be careful what I wish for!

Here is a quick pic from the week:

Lazy Sunday in the park

And a little video of Mr. Alert:


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