Departure Day videos

December 28, 2010

For those of you interested in watching lots of video of Sam's grand departure from the NICU...

Video#1: Staring Laura, Sam, Melissa and the voice of Peter

Video#2: Staring Laura, Sam, and the voice of Peter

Video #3: Staring (in order): Sam, Melissa, Laura, some nurses whose names I do not know, Blanca (waving in the purple top), Laura C (clapping), Misty (in red), Erna (behind her), and Nicole (over Laura's shoulder)

Video #4: Staring Sam, Melissa, Laura, Sonya and Alison behind the desk

Video #5: Staring Laura, Sam, Melissa and Peter (plus the harp and some bad singing)

Video #6: Staring Laura and Melissa (luckily the camera is at my back... otherwise you would see me crying my eyes out)

Linda & Steve Goldfarb
Wonderful videos. He is a well-documented little man! What am amazing difference from beginning to the New Beginning. Welcome home little Sam!

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