A weekend without Irene

April 18, 2011

Its spring break time here in the Oakland public school system and my parents have taken Irene to Lake Tahoe for the week.  Yes, you read that right, we are Irene free from April 15-23.  The freedom is a bit paralyzing.  So many things we could do, we just don't know where to start!  Aside from a little freedom, this time will give Peter and I an opportunity to bond with Sam.  This is really the first time we have had to be with Sam- just Sam.

So, how did we make use of our time... Friday night we had friends over for dinner.  This is the first time we have had friends over in ages!  It was so nice to just be able to sit and talk and not be interrupted or have to talk about princesses.  Sam was also the perfect host, social for a little while and down for the night in under 20 minutes!

Saturday, we took a day trip to Winters.  Beautiful drive through the California countryside ending in a really cute town.  The Putah Creek Cafe in Winters (recently featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives) is worth the trip.  Fantastic food and really nice people.  There is a guitar maker in town who is going to try and fix a Churango Peter bought in Chile.  This guy is more of an artist that a guitar maker, but for those that love music and guitars, he is worth the drive.  Since it was such a lovely day, we laid of a picnic blanket in the town park and just did nothing for an hour.  It was great.  Sam got to put his feet in the grass, we got to just sit.

Walking in Winters

Sunday, we spent the day in Napa with Christian, Robert and their fantastic son Bertito.  It was so nice to just hang out and talk and just be.  We really didn't do much.  Sat in Chris's house playing with the boys.  Walked over to the Oxbow market for some lunch.  Peter spent time with Chris's stepdad, Nick, who is an amazing artist.  Peter was teaching Nick how to do woodblock printing.  While Peter was with Nick, Chris and I took a walk in downtown Napa and then hung out at her house.

Sam's response to the idiots making a big deal out of the JCrew ad

Just a cute pic of Sam

Like son, like father

All in all a really nice weekend.  Sam and I are heading up to Tahoe to join Irene and my parents on Tuesday.  We will stay until Thursday night and then head back home to get a little more time with just Peter, Sam and I.

Please say hi to the family for me! xo

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