A long week for the Harris-Odums

February 22, 2011

This past week is not one I ever want to repeat.  After our Monday visit to the ER, we tried to take it very very easy at home.  Sam seemed to be doing OK.  He was eating and sleeping like a champ.  Mom, on the other hand, was working on little to no sleep.  Tuesday we went to Sam's regular doctor for a follow up.  She agreed with the ER that aside from the three skull fractures, you would never know that Sam was sick.  We were told to take it easy with him and keep an eye out for signs that there might be issues: drowsiness, no appetite, lethargy, extreme fussiness,  vomiting, etc.

All seemed good until Wednesday around 6 pm.  Sam, who is normally the most calm and easy going guy, was fussy- an inconsolable type of fussy.  He wanted to be held.  he wanted to be put down.  He wanted to eat, he didn't want to eat.  Basically, nothing made him happy.  This went on until 10 pm when he finally decided to eat.  He finished eating at 10:20 and started to scream and arch his back and throw up... not spit up, but really throw up.  Then, for the next 45 min he was a screaming mess.  Of course as this was happening the power in our house went out and came back.  Finally, I had run out of ideas and was concerned so we called the doctor on call.  The moment she called back, the battery on the phone I was using died, the non-battery phone I picked up had so much static I could not hear her so I had to go running through the house looking for another phone.  I found another cordless phone, hung up the static line, started to tell her what we going on when the power went out... again!  Once we finally got her on the phone and could hear each other, I described what was going on and she felt we should head down to Children's to get Sam looked at again.

With my parents and our neighbors out of town, I was off to the hospital by myself while Peter stayed at home with a sleeping Irene.  By the time we got to the hospital Sam had calmed down and was sound asleep in the car seat.  After watching him in the ER for 4 hours, the doctors decided to admit us for observation.  They were concerned about my sleep deprivation, and just wanted to make sure that Sam's head injury was not getting worse.  We spent 36 hours total at Children's (not a place anyone who loves kids should ever be- so depressing!).  The entire time we were there Sam was either sleeping or eating.  He was a perfect angel.  They sent us home with a diagnosis for sever acid reflux episode.  We are following up with our regular pediatrician and will have a neurosurgeon follow his skull fractures (just as a precaution).

Since then, we have been busy with Peter's parents, Irene's flu- that she then passed on to Peter's mom.  Not that I know when I will get some rest, but I am really looking forward to it!  In the meantime, Sam seems great so at least one person is happy!

A few pics from the past week:

Well, Melissa, I guess if only ome person is going to be happy in the Harris-Odum household, that priviledge should go to Mr. SAm – afterall, didn’t earn it?! Rest when you can, even a 10 min. catnap will help. Wish we lived closer so we could help out. Linda
Oh my, not one to repeat indeed! I remember Children’s all too well and find it the most depressing hospital we’ve stayed. So happy that you were out of there within a day and a half. Sam and Irene look wonderful together, beautiful pictures! Wonderful example of the resiliency of young children! I hope Sam’s reflux is a one time, or at least short lived, affair.
Warm wishes,
My god woman—-the curve balls you are thrown! That is crazy. From what I remember, Roman’s reflux/colic set in at 4-5 weeks (but doctors has said 3-post delivery was typical). They’d sighted his 2-weeks early as a possible rational for extending on-set to 5 weeks. So, I was wondering if that rational holds true for preemies (e.g. could Sam have relfux beyond this one episode)? What you described (irritation/screaming all around—-holding/not holding/eating/not eating and the vomiting)increased in the 4-5 week span and then remained through 14 weeks. What helped was lots of ocean (white) noise and this lap cuddle thing we learned from the Five S’s–and being tightly wrapped 24/7.
Leave it to Sam the Man to teach his mama patience. You do know you should turn this all into a book, right?
Hugs and kisses to all of you!!!

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