Day 93: December 18

December 18, 2010

The fear is starting to seep in. What happens if Sam has a Brady or desat at home and we don't have a monitor on him to tell us. I will place money that neither Peter nor I sleep the first few nights Sam is home. It's funny, because until a few days ago I was done watching monitors and worrying. The last few days have scared the crap out of me.

First there was the Brady yesterday when Sam spit up. Then, last night the same thing happened except he took a while to come back and the night nurse ended up bagging him. Then, today while he was breastfeeding, Sam desated and had a Brady! None of these incidents are going to derail his release, but they have shaken my confidence to the core.

I hope nothing happens tonight. Not sure I could take another confidence hit!

Wendy Brainerd
Hi Peter, Melissa, Irene and Sam, It has been awhile since I have perused your blog. First I was in Arizona for a week. I thought when I returned, I would give you a call and see when I could come and meet little Sam. Your Mom had said to call you. Alas, I got a terrible sore throat 2 days after returning. It then turned into a cough and cold with a temperature. That was last Sat. through Wed. I am almost well, but want to wait til it is completely gone and by then Sam will probably be home! Yea.
I am hoping that Irene is now feeling better and you too.
I am leaving for Oregon on Friday to visit Steve, Cassandra and the girls.I come back on the 27th, then off to Tahoe for awhile.
I hope your tree is now up and will be sparkling for Sam’s welcome home. What a Christmas present for all of you. I will call you soon in the new year. It is all such a wonderful miracle. Hugs and Kisses, Wendy B.

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