Day 87: December 12

December 13, 2010

What a day.  Hell.  What a weekend.  We had ourselves a challenging one.  Sam, for the most part, was a rock star.  Irene, on the other hand, was one sick little girl.  Peter and I were divided between the two.  I think things really came to a head today with Irene's fever spiking up to 103.8 and staying there most of the day.

The day started off OK.  I went in to the hospital at 9 to feed Sam while Peter and Irene snuggled at home.  Sam was alert and nursed like a champ.  Even better, during the night he had pulled his newly placed NG tube out, so they just left it out.  I guess he liked having his face free of things as much as we did!

When I got home, Irene was tired, but otherwise in good spirits.  My parents were going to watch her so I could go back to the hospital at 12 to feed Sam and then Peter and I were going to get our Christmas tree.  The idea then was to all meet at our house and have dinner and decorate the tree.  Well, Sam was a little sleepy so it took a bit to get him to latch.  Then, Sam needed to get some of his medicine, so Peter had the honor of feeding his son for the first time:

That took us to about 4 pm.  In the meantime, Irene was sound asleep at my parents.  This is a child that never naps, so you can guess how bad she felt.  Peter and I went to a tree lot, got a tree and headed home.  My parents were going to be bring Irene over to our house around 5:30.  We get the tree inside, put it in the tree stand, secure it, stand back to admire it and the tree topples over bending the tree stand.  From here things went downhill.

Peter left to get a new tree stand.  My mom called to say Irene had thrown up... a lot.  Plans changed, now Peter and I went to my parents house.  Irene looked terrible and was very lethargic.  She kept falling asleep mid-sentence.  I called the NICU to tell them that I would not be in to feed Sam at 6 and we learned that he had had a really bad brady/apnea event and even had to be bagged!  We think (hope) that is was just a result of reflux, but being bagged is nothing to laugh at.  He was better last night, and Laura says he looks good this morning.  Of course, it means the earliest he could go home is Friday.

Oh- and to top it off... I woke up with a sore throat and am now banned from the NICU.


And now your moment of zen:


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