Day 83: December 8

December 9, 2010

Sam had a pretty good day today. We are bouncing back and forth between the open crib and the heated crib. The good news is he is spending less and less time in the heated crib. The other good news is he nursed twice today. I honestly believe he is ready to start getting bottles, but I am just worried about introducing the bottle too early and having him prefer that over the breast. The lactation consultant is encouraging me to start introducing a bottle as she believes it will improve his nursing. I get her logic: by using a bottle, Sam will learn that he has to suck to get food, which will then increase his instinct to suck. Also, if he is bottle feeding, then he can decide how much to drink and will be hungry more often, which will in turn increase his breastfeeding. Like I said, I get the logic behind it, I am just hesitant. I think if he latches twice tomorrow, I will let them try one bottle overnight. Lord knows I don't intend to come in overnight to nurse anyway!

And now for your "Where's Waldo" moment of zen:

He's in there somewhere!


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