Day 81: December 6

December 7, 2010

Today brought relief... to my freezer space!  The Mothers Milk Bank of San Jose cam and picked up approx. 1000 ounces of milk.  While this helped, it just put a little dent in the supply in my freezer(s).  They are going to send me a cooler this week so I can send even more milk in.  Aside from opening space in my freezer, my donation will be pasteurized and sent to local hospitals to be used in the NICU for babies with mom's who do not have any milk.  Breast milk is so important for infants, and that is even more true for preemies.  My over-supply is helping to save another preemies life.  If that doesn't bring a smile to my face, nothing will.

As for Mr. Man, he takes a few steps forward and a few steps back.  On the positive side:

  • He continues to be more alert.
  • He breastfed twice yesterday and once today.
  • He is cute as can be (of course)

On the negative side:

  • He has lost 3 ounces over the last three days
  • He is having major trouble regulating his body temperature and was put back in an isolette last night

I know they say life in the NICU is like riding a roller coaster, but I seriously just want to get off!

Today's portrait comes after a 40 minute breastfeeding session.  Little man is full and wiped out:

And now for your moment of zen- brought to you by peter:

I think that’s awesome that you are donating the extra milk. I too struggle with too little milk and know how hard it is to be in the first days and nothing is coming. And for preemies, as you said, it’s even more important. You rock!
Margaret Schultz
Ah, the Mother’s Milk Bank in San Jose is a life saver! What stress not being able to provide enough milk…Irene’s buddy Aiden and I depended on the Milk Bank, I owe so much to them and to all the women (like you) who donated so generously…I get weepy just thinking about it.

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