Day 76: December 1

December 2, 2010

It's 11:50 at night and I am writing from the NICU. never a good sign. At about 6 pm, the doctor called to say there was some concern with Sam. He was very lethargic and having trouble digesting all of his food. They suspected that there might be an infection and were going to draw some blood and do a chest xray.

All the blood work and the urinalysis they ran came back negative. Sam's chest xray showed a lot of stool trapped in his intestines, but nothing else.

While they were waiting for the results, Sam started tom have respiration problems, and had one apnea event that they had to really stimulate him to get him to breathe.

So, as of right now we are back in Nursery 2, with an IV and back on the nose cannulas. They are holding all food until the morning, so they have fluids running. Also, to be safe, they are giving Sam a course of antibiotics.

I have no idea if the surgery will still happen. I really hope it does because the longer you wait the lower the success rate.

So, for the first time, I have a cot next to Sam's bed. I am here until my little man is better.

Linda & Steve Goldfarb
We are thinking of you and your little man and sending good vibes your way. He has pulled through worse–he’s a strong little guy. All our best,
Linda & Steve
Angela Alonso
Dear Melissa and Peter,
It was good to see you yesterday, if only briefly and not under the best circumstances. We can hopefully catch up next Tuesday, when we see you again.
Keep strong and hopeful. Sam has demonstrated thus far that he’s a pretty amazing kid, so he’ll pull through (the blog is amazing)
All our love and please count on us for anything you may need.

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