Day 66: November 21

November 22, 2010

Despite all the good things that happened today- things didn't start off on the best footing.  One of the most difficult things to do is plan a day.  Between my pumping schedule, Sam's feeding schedule, and any social weekend plans, one slip in the schedule and everything goes to hell.  Today, I had everything planned down to the last minute.  We were all going to go out and have breakfast (normal Sunday stuff), then I was off to the hospital at 10 am to pump and feed Sam before his 11:30 gavage feed while Peter and Irene played at Target.  At 12, two friends were arriving for a lunch date and a meet Sam date.  Peter and Irene were off to a birthday party.  My mom was going to arrive at 2 to hold Sam for the first time.  At 5:30(ish) we were meeting up with some other friends for dinner/hanging out.  Yes- it is a lot.  But such is our life.  All of this would have gone off without a hitch if it weren't for a Sam's nurse.  Somehow, she fed him ONE HOUR early.  That meant, when I got there to pump he was already in the middle of his gavage feed and would not breastfeed... meaning all of my plans were shot to hell.

Now, aside from screwing up my day, her carelessness really freaked me out.  I mean, an hour early!  That is really messed up.  Add to that, when I changed his diaper, one of the heart rate monitor cords was neatly tucked in the diaper... right in the line of pee.  Meaning, it was contaminated and an infection risk... But wait... there is more!  When I got back from lunch, Sam was basically panting which is a sign he is too hot.  I removed the four blankets she had on him and took his temp and it was 99.7.  So now we have careless and oblivious.  Grrrr.  I was beyond mad with this woman.  I think I will be raising a bit of a stink about this tomorrow.

Now... on to the good.  Today was the day I had been waiting for!  But, before we get to that... today was the day Tutu had been waiting for... I finally let her hold Sam:

Sam and Tutu

While this love-fest was happening, I helped Pam (one of Sam's evening primary nurses that we love) get his open crib ready!

The new digs

Sam in his open crib

Overhead view

So, we now have one hurdle let: Sam needs to get all of his milk either from me or a bottle.  Today and yesterday were two really good breastfeeding sessions.  The hope is tomorrow we will have two good sessions, and then 3 and then 4.  I am really starting to believe this little man is coming home soon!

And now for your moment of zen:


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