Day 5: September 21

September 22, 2010

This was not Sam's best day.  He suffered a number of bradycardia (or brady) and apnea events today.  These are things we will have to deal with a lot over the next few months, and so far, they are a little scary, but not too scary.  In a preemie, one thing that happens often is the little guys forget to take a breath.  They are so young, and their lungs are so immature that is just slips their mind that breathing is a good idea.  So, Apnea is when there is a pause in their breathing.  Brady is when their heart rate dips below 100 beats-per-min.  Apnea often causes a brady event to happen.  Most of the time, Sam will self correct.  If he doesn't he just needs a little stimulation- either rubbing his back vigorously or giving him a little shake.  They also treat the brady events with caffeine.  The nurses assured me they were giving him Peet's not Starbucks.  (I love Berkeley!)

Due to the brady events I was not able to hold Sam today- but will be back tomorrow as my mother tells me that between 3 pm and 5 pm Sam finally opened his eyes!!

And now for your moment of zen:

Flipping the bird

Dear Melissa et al,
Thanks to your MOM for sending me your link. Marlene is right on, you are a wonderful writer and you are doing an amazing job of bringing us along on your challenging journey. You can make us laugh, gasp, weep and ponder the mystery of life. Jon and I can’t wait to meet Sam.
Love, Connie
Marlene Lopez
Dear Melissa, Peter. Irene and Sam :
Congratulations for this wbsite. Melissa you are a writer !!The text is not only accurate, detailing what happens day to day.It is also amazing .When I was reading I felt I was living with you this incredible adventure of being mom of litlle Sam !!!And the photos…..I can feel your love and courage ,and ” fuerza ” to go trough these difficult situations.
We admire you and Peter and are very proud of you. Im sure Sam will grow up well .
Admiramos la fuerza, valentia , coraje y el inmenso amor que han demostrado. Todo eso le esta dando fuerzas a Sam para salr adelante !!! estoy segura que lo va a lograr muy bien !!!
Un abrazo con todo nuestro amor , para Uds. 4 !!!
Cuidense mucho ……los queremos mucho ……
with love Marlene , & kids.
besitos para Irene y Sam !!!

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