Day 37: October 23

October 25, 2010

Today, Peter and did a divide and conquer.  We had a lot planned for the day, and the only way to pull it off was to split tasks.  I was assigned a hospital visit and Peter was assigned to go with Irene to the Thornhill walkathon.  We were then going to meet up at 4 at my parents, deposit Irene for the night, and Peter and I were taking the evening off!

What Irene and Peter did:
This was Irene's first ever school Walkathon.  Too bad we missed the mailer with the pledge form, and didn't figure it out until two days before the event.  It is safe to say Irene will no win any prizes for raising the most money.  For those that contributed... thanks!  For those that are interested, send me an email at  In the rain, Irene and Peter both walked a grad total of 14 laps.  This qualified Irene for a t-shirt, a hotdog and two otter pops.  (Too bad they ran out of otter pops!).  They both had a great time:

Irene and Josh on the first lap

Irene and Natalie on a play break from the walkathon

Peter, Irene and Josh on the walkathon course

I did it!

What... no OTTER POP?!

What Melissa and Sam did:
Just another boring day in the NICU... I visited with Sam and helped him do another cannula sprint and as well as some more recreational breastfeeding.  As with the day before, Sam lasted about 2 hours on the cannulas and really did a great job on the recreational breastfeeding.  Sam also had a visit from his NICU buddy Bennett- call it his first play date ever.

Elisa and Bennett visit (Bennett is close to going home after 54 days in the NICU)

Sam's first play date!

Mom and son

Sleeping Sam

After my quiet visit, I headed home to meet up with Peter so we could start his birthday celebration.  Thanks to my parents for taking Irene.  We had a wonderful night out- attending Michael and Michelle's wedding reception and hanging out in a beautiful hotel!

And now for your moment of zen:

Holding his feeding tube


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