Day 27: October 13

October 14, 2010

I spent as much time as possible with Sam today knowing that the next few days with him were going to be rough.  When I got to the hospital he looked good- really good.  His color was nice and since he had been peeing a huge amount out, the puffiness from the day before was gone. More than that, he was active. I mean really active.  He was moving his arms and legs all over the place.  It was so nice to see.  I think I spent about 5+ hours just sitting net to him, talking to him and hanging out.

Since Peter and I have to be at the hospital by 7 am tomorrow, Irene spent the night at my parents.  This allowed Peter and I to go back together and spend more quality time with Sam.  It was nice to be there together- something we do not get to do very often.  What was even better... I finally got to hold Sam!  I think it had been 5 days since we last had a snuggle- and I know after the surgery tomorrow I will not get to hold him for a couple of days.  That made this opportunity priceless.

Happy mom- getting a snuggle in before surgery

Sam enjoying his snuggle about as much as mom

Mom giving Sam kisses

One special treat tonight was a surprise visit from Tamara!  Tamara was the L&D nurse who was with me when i was first admitted.  Her kindness kept me calm, and the way she cared for me over my 6 days in the L&D wing will never be forgotten.  I became very attached to Tamara and had a huge level of trust in her.  When it came time for Peter to make some very tough decisions those first 2 days, it was Tamara who was there for him- listening to him and being a sounding board for Peter.  We both have such strong feelings for Tamara.  In fact, when it came time to do the c-section, Tamara came into my room and announced she would be in the delivery room as the lead nurse.  I burst into tears at this, because knowing she would be there was such a huge relief to me.  Even now, as I type this, I am welling up with tears because I am at a loss as to how to tell her thank you.  She kept me sane and calm at the most important moments.  Seeing her tonight was just perfect.

Now, tomorrow will be a rough one, but I will do my best to post an update when Sam is out of surgery.  I want to thank everyone in advance for their positive energy and for checking in on us.  While we may not write back, return your call or text, we do very much appreciate you reaching out.  Keep it up!

And now for your moment of zen - make sure to have your sound on or you might miss the cutest sounds ever:


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