Day 20: October 6

October 7, 2010

I am happy to say that there is not too much to report from today.  Sam had an uneventful night and a pretty uneventful day!  He is peeing, his BUN and creatine are going down, he is looking more comfortable, he is more active, he is pooping again... basically, he had a great day!  The results of the renal ultrasound were good- so no real kidney issues.  The only bad news was the spinal tap needed to be repeated today... and they were unable to get any spinal fluid today.  That just means that can't confirm or rule out meningitis so they will continue to treat Sam with the broad spectrum antibiotics.  It is unclear if they will try again for a spinal tap tomorrow.

In the meantime- here are a few new pictures of Sam.  This will have to serve as your moment of zen- as I didn't get any new videos today.

Hand holding- my new favorite thing to do

Snuggling up after the second spinal tap

Looking at mom... and practicing making a fist


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