Day 15: October 1

October 2, 2010

I am going to start this post by apologizing to everyone... i fell down on the job and didn't get any pictures of Sam today... so this post will be picture and video free.  I will try not to fall down on the job again!

So, they say there are good days and there are bad days... today was a really good day.  Sam is responding really well to the Indicin.  His kidney function continues to improve.  More importantly, the chest xray they took today was the best Sam has had.  His lungs looked really clear and healthy- an indication that his heart function is already improving with the Indicin.  And, just to pile on the happy news, Sam is back in the 23% oxygen range after being in the high 20's low 30s the past few days. Basically, this was a great day!  I even had a lovely hour plus cuddle with Sam with Stephanie Ross by my side.

On another front, last night after I wrote the post, Irene started to melt down.  I sat down with her, and after a good 5 minutes of crying she finally told me that she doesn't want to go back to see Sam because it scares her.  While this broke my heart, I was so proud of my five year old for trying to put on a brave face for all of us.  She held it in for so long, and really showed no fear.  Hopefully now, with her fear in the open, she will be honest with us and herself about how she is feeling.  We want her to be present with Sam, but not if it scares her.  This is just such a big thing for a five year old to take in and deal with.  I am just proud to be her mom.

Fingers crossed that tonight brings more of the same for Sam... cause mama loves the positive side of the roller coaster!

Melissa S.
(I don’t know you Melissa, but my husband, Justin, used to work with Peter and I found your beautifully written blog through a facebook link. I have been lurking on here for awhile and thought it was finally time for a comment.)
Congratulations on the birth of your son. Though the situation and timing are much different than what you had imagined, what a blessing a new little life is. Sam is a beautiful baby.
I am glad you have encountered so many supportive Drs, specialists, highly trained nurses (save that one), etc. My first little babe spent a short time in the NICU and what a difference it makes to have people who are really supporting you and advocating for your child versus just punching in, in this especially stressful situation.
Also, congrats to Irene on being a big sister! The NICU is a pretty intimidating/overwhelming place for an adult, what with all the monitors, sounds, etc., present – it’s hard to even imagine what it would be like through a child’s eyes. She will be a great big sister, no doubt, even if it’s from afar for a little while.
Your family will be in our prayers. We will continue to check back for updates on Sam.

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