September 12, 2014

Tomorrow is Sam's first ever birthday party... with friends... from his school. I was hesitant to throw him a party, unsure if other kids would come. I was nervous that if I invited his class, they would all find excuses not to attend the party. Sam's therapist pushed me. She told me Sam was ready for a party. She told me Sam has friends.

So, I sucked up my fear and sent out the evite. Then I sat back and waited.

I clicked on the evite daily, just to see if anyone had RSVP'd. After a few days, responses starting coming in.

"No - we have other plans that day"
"No - we are out of town"
"Maybe - we will see if we can swing by"

One after the other the No's came in. Then a Yes. But that was quickly changed to a no. Of the 18 kids from pre-school invited, only 3 said yes. And two will only be able to be there for an hour at most.

I know that Sam will not know the difference. He will just be happy that his buddy Emma is there. But I know. And it makes me sad.

Are people saying no because of Sam's autism or are they saying no because they are all really that busy?

I don't know the answer, the only thing I do know is I hope I get all my tears out tonight so I can act like everything is OK tomorrow for Sam at his birthday party that nobody is coming to.

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Hi, Melissa,
This is your cousin by marriage, Sharon Salinger. Three children guests is the right number for a 3-year-old (1 guest per year of age), and an hour is probably long enough for a 3-year-old’s party. This info may not soothe your anxiety’s about the future, but if we are staying in the present moment, the outcome may be perfect. With love and admiration, Sharon
Jen Pantoja
See u tomorrow 🙂
Jen Pantoja
Melissa- I am sending hugs and a bottle of wine. This has me in tears. I hate to invite myself but Naya and I would be honored to attend if u will have us. I just have to warn u that she hugs everyone a hundred times.
You and Naya would be welcome… And the offer is so appreciated. The party is from 10-1 at Dracena park in Piedmont.

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